AYKOM COMPRESSOR started its business life at 1960 by manufacturing welding machines and breaking grounds with portable welding machines. We continued to growning since 57 years with the production of air piston compressors at 1977, air screw compressors at 1998 and high pressure washers, industrial vacuum cleaners at 2004.

At present, our production is made in our plant located in Izmir Kemalpasa Organized Industrial Zone on over 7.500 sqm closed 10.000 sqm open area and our plant’s annual production capacity is 24.000 machines.

Having been continuing its investments and adopting a management concept favouring steady growth since the day it was founded and completed its branding process and became a reliable brand in the market.

As a result of successfully organized future plans, our company has more than 500 dealers in domestic market and exports more than 36 countries like Romania, France, Azerbaijan, Austria, Morocco, South Africa and UAE.

AYKOM COMPRESSOR was certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System by TÜV Rheinland Germany in 2000 and CE attestation in 2004 by one of the leading notified body Bureau Veritas France. Furthermore we have GOST-R certificate for Russia and ISCIR certificate for Romania since 2001.

With our customer-oriented management strategies and more than 100 aftersales service points in domestic market, we provide maximum customer satisfaction by instant and rapid solutions.


Our vision is to be one of the leaders in global pressured air industry with the other global brands.


Our mission is to continue our high technology-oriented production by applying innovator, high quality and efficient solutions regarding to the developments.


Our target is to make more efficient and reliable products which has a wide range and meet all requirements with low costs and high qualit.

We aim to shape the future of our partners and employees with our products and services.


Our company continues to being a global company which is sensitive to environment, customer-oriented and aim to constant development and quality.

Our quality policy of is to create a quality management system to manage all customer feedbacks efficiently and manufacture products which are comlpy with standards, reliable, esthetics, and according to our customers needs and expectations.

High Quality Standards

Registered its quality with internationally recognized documents and certificates by producing solutions for world’s leading companies with high quality standards of products.

Experience and Technology

The company has high capacity and extensive machines including the cutting-edge technology benches in compressor and washing machines and a team benefiting from the technology skillfully.

Confidence is significant

Gives confidence at every stage of the journey to the finished product as high-pressure air tank and lower segments produced by its benches are installed by means of its quality.

We attach great importance to protect the environment and work by featuring occupational health and safety. Eco-friendly.


  • Apply and improve Occupacional Health and Safety system
  • Obey the OHS laws, provide an environment regarding to these laws and avoid occupational accident and illness.
  • Obey environmental legislation, administrative regulations, sectoral obligations, use natural sources efficiently and take care of environment.
  • Decrease waste in the source and having maximum recycle by seperating them.
  • Control the effects of our operations on evironment and human health.
  • Take the OHS factors into consideration during our operations.
  • Inform our employees about OHS and increase their motivation


Featuring team working, team spirit and our employee’s talents and ablities, increasing their performance, selecting the right person for the right job with the principle of equality, improve and manage their development.



Bugün İzmir Kemalpaşa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi’nde 7.500 m² kapalı, toplam 10.000 m² alan üzerine kurulu modern üretim teknolojisi ve makine parkuru ile donatılmıs üretim tesisimiz yıllık 24.000 adet makine üretim kapasitesine sahiptir. Kurulduğu günden itibaren yatırımlarına devam eden ve istikrarlı büyümeden yana bir üretim anlayışını ilke edinen Aydın Trafo Kompresör, bugün markalaşma sürecini tamamlamış ve sektörde güvenilir bir marka haline gelmiştir.

Aydın Trafo Kompresör, 2000 yılında TÜV Rheinland’dan (Almanya) DIN EN ISO 9001 Kalite Sistem Belgesi ve 2004 yılında dünyanın önde gelen belgelendirme kuruluslarından Bureau Veritas’tan (Fransa) CE Uygunluk Belgesi almıstır. Ayrıca 2001 yılından beri Rusya için GOST-R belgesine de sahiptir.